System reset & restore


If your computer is playing up or Windows won’t load we can help. The IT Wizard can re-install Windows and all Windows updates to get you up and running again.

We’d all like to think our computers are invincible and will just keep on running. The truth is that sometimes they can go wrong. The causes are many and varied; fortunately most can be fixed easily. There are times when more drastic measures must be taken, such as re-installing Windows.

If the thought of doing this sounds a bit scary we understand; reinstalling Windows is not something you do every day. The IT Wizard can do this for you and get you up and running again, saving you from the scary stuff.

Please Note:

Reinstalling Microsoft Windows means that we will completely delete your hard drive. Please make sure you save all your important files to DVD, memory stick or external hard drive so you don’t lose them.

The IT Wizard make reinstalling Microsoft Windows easy with the System Reset & Restore service. Our service includes:

  • A chat with the wizard who will explain what will happen. They will also double check that reinstalling Windows is the right thing for your computer
  • We can back up your files and put them back onto your computer if you want. This will cost a little extra
  • We’ll re-install Microsoft Windows for you and setup your user accounts and passwords
  • Install all available Windows Updates and Service Packs
  • We can install your software if you want us to
  • Test your computer to make sure it works properly.